Been very busy trying to survive the self imposed insanity that is my birthday. I am always disappointed no matter where I set my expectations. (up, down, next to the curb for the recycling truck, shot out of a cannon to the moon…) And this year at 49 I am feeling especially disagreeable. So I began what I call pre-emptive strikes. I called my family early and talked a long time, thus alleviating the need for them to remember to call me. I planned an escape to a spa and told everyone that I did not want anything for this day. I set up a few dinners before and after and I was done. BUT what I needed was a plan around this being 49 thing. I do not want to live a year of “oh my god, next year I am 50”

So FUCK it! I am fifty now. I am doing 50 for as many years as it feels right. I am skipping 49, which brings to mind Miners and NFL teams and I am just plunging into 50.

famous 50s?

50 ways to leave your lover
50 50
50 bottles of beer on the wall

Well, I am sure I could think of more if my brain were switched on.

So happy 50 to me…