Mission statement

Today I began the process of writing a mission statement for myself. I am using a book and it is a little more “god-centric” than I probably would have liked, but it has some interesting exercises, so like AA I take what I need and leave the rest.

The statement that I read that threw me for a loop today was, “Nothing influences the environment of a child so much as the unlived life of a parent.”

It makes my head spin.

I think of my mom, who wanted to be a fashion designer/artist in Paris. My father was going to be a vet for ranches in Wyoming.

Housewife. Cop.


Even staying together was more out of momentum and habit than anything else.

Here I am at 51, and I am trying to write a mission statement for the life I want to live for the next 51 years. And I tell ya, it is terrifying.