I have been stuck.

Stuck in a rut. For days, weeks, years. I have had some things I have let stop me from moving forward with my life. And amazingly, as I look around, I realize, the things I thought had me stuck are not really there. I am stuck because I am Choosing not to move forward.

Had a couple of dating false starts two weeks ago, and then crashed physically for a week.  I know my emotions are tied to my physical, but Holy Crap! So I let myself sleep for 4 days. And all I thought about was feeding myself regularly and with quality food. I am going to keep that up. And I am walking more, and moving more. Pain or no pain.

I am also working on clearing out the clutter that is my life. Lots of clutter. Even cluttered with books about how to bust out of clutter.

I am taking 4 days off around the 4th of July to write, walk and eat well.

It is the little step thing.

The thing I have never been good at.