I stumble, I fall, I get back up again.


One of the problems I have with January 1st and New Year is that I expect so much from myself that I actually just make everything worse. About a week in I realize that there is no way for me to “make resolutions” or “let go of the past year and look to the future” anywhere on or around January 1st. Part of that is because I work retail and the holidays are exhausting. Part of that is because I really don’t think of my new year as starting until February 21st, my birthday. So January is this weird mix of finishing up the old stuff, organizing the year end, getting my ducks aligned and planning for the following year.

2016 is a 9 year. That means it is the end of old patterns and the clearing out of the last 9 years to make way for a new 1 year. When you get three 9 years together, you get 27. Look at your life and see if you had a big shift in your life around 26-29. With the inclusion of Saturn returning into your chart astrologically at that time, and the three 9’s, things get a big shake-up. People usually make major moves, relationships change, children are born, rock stars and actors die. It is huge.

The next time this happens in most peoples lives is 54. Another Saturn return and another group of 9’s.

I am hitting that full blast right now. Things that kept me sane and happy no longer work for me. Things that I assumed would be part of my life forever, have begun to drop away.

This year’s “lame duck period” from January 1st to February 21st feels like a huge and important time for me. It feels like this is a shift that will get me into the next era of my life. And I am weighed down with the feeling that February is going to look drastically different from January.

So, I am reaching for my Gretchen Rubin (Happiness Project), Shatki Gawain (Creative Visualization) and thinking of Jenny Lawson (who is Furiously Happy), and holding on to the belief that if you let the Universe help you, you give love to those around you, an you just remember to breathe, everything you want, all you dream and all you never knew you wanted, will fill you with joy and peace. And the Change will come.