275 words to go…

Nanowrimo is coming to an end and I have 275 words left until I hit 50,000. I guess the saying, “write what you know,” is true. As I write, the   memories that flood up are strange and overwhelming. I also notice that I struggle around 400 words, then I slow down again around 2,000. Is this just because I am writing full time and not working?

I know that I feel better than I have in a very long time, even with the packing to move to Bellingham. Though I have meltdowns that D3 is super patient with, I know that this is all part of letting go of a very very very very long time doing and being the same.

Change is a bitch. Just sayin’.

Author: Zoe

I use words. I watch things. I see what you may not. Bio info is hard.

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