Cedar’s new car…

I went with my sister today to try on new cars. She has a huge gas guzzler and she needs something small and from this century. She was loaded for bear with a long list of what she wanted (to pay less than 40 at the pump) and what would be deal breakers (white car). Of course we had plans if she got overwhelmed. She and I are both easily overwhelmed so we used a safe word. “Banana” means we say thanks and go back to our car. We planned on just driving around in the car, windows up, no eye contact, do not get out of the car. Just look at the cars. Not buying today, just looking. No don’t talk to us. We are not interested in your sales tactics.

So she now has a white 2013 Ford Fiesta hatchback. The first car we saw. And she only said “banana” once.

Author: Zoe

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