Christmas Cat Tree.


Most years since I have owned cats I have either not put up a Christmas tree, or they pretty much have left them alone. Last year D3’s, and my first year together, we bought a lovely little Flocked Christmas tree and put it on the mantle with all my most cherished ornaments. I lovingly removed each ornament from its tissue and told D3 the wonderful story of how it came to be in my possession. Basically my life story in Ornaments. We went to bed that night, seeped in the sepia colored memories of days gone by.

In the middle of the night we woke to the tiny tinkle and major crash of all the ornaments crashing onto the tile of the fireplace hearth. Elvis found the flocking intoxicating and was unable to stop himself. I foolishly cleaned up the glass and put it back up. After two more events that completely devastated all my past and every bauble on the tree, plus the 65 year old tree topper that I cherished, I pulled the tree down and let Elvis chew on the flocking. I think secretly I wanted him to get sick on it, but he never did. We went from two very large boxes of ornaments, to 2 shoeboxes. At the time I was so frustrated that I purged a lot of the other stuff. This year I didn’t even open the boxes. I was pretty convinced that I had thrown everything out and just couldn’t bare to see the devastation my Christmas tantrum had caused.

This year I cleared off the mantle, we put up a fake string of lights and green, and then filled the mantle with the Christmas cards we received. The theme this year was apparently Glitter and Reindeer with oversized noses. Then when it was time to put the presents out we merrily stacked them on the Cat Tree. We bought one of those big cat trees with scratching posts and hiding holes for our ungrateful little furry bastards. A tree that was expensive and took 2 hours and many cuss words to assemble. A tree that neither one has deigned to even sniff unless I put so much catnip on it that they are chronically stoned for days.

So above you see the beautifully wrapped presents that have not been disturbed, AT ALL! Next year I am wrapping it in lights and putting ornaments on it.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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