I am a Predator……

I have been watching a lot of the “predator” types of movies lately. Lost Tribe, Predators, Sleepless in Seattle, and it makes me think about the fact that I am a predator.

As Wiki tells us: In ecology, predation describes a biological interaction where a predator (an organism that is hunting) feeds on its prey (the organism that is attacked).

Be it movies, or books or experiences I find I get ravenous. I have been playing a video game all week where I have to shoot alien bunnies. I play til my arm is sore. I watch entire TV seasons in a couple of sittings. I loose sleep over a good (or even not so good book). The prey I feed on is ideas, other people’s ideas. And this makes me wonder just what I expect to get from them. this consumption has been such a large part of my life that I wonder what it would be like not to consume, but to instead be the consumed? If I were to allow someone else to absorb part of me. If I were to allow someone else to know me and take on parts of me like I so happily take on parts of other people?

It is very easy to always absorb. We have so much to consume, that we really don’t even need to prey on things, they are force upon us, into our spheres of influence.

I guess as I write this, and my inner critic is yelling “This is stoopid, no one wants to hear this drivel. Write something funny and flippant.” I realize that this blog may be me poking at the predator out there.

Come and get me…

Author: Zoe

I use words. I watch things. I see what you may not. Bio info is hard.

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