Nanowrimo 2016

nanowrimocrestNational Novel Writing Month.

Working on Nanowrimo and packing for a move means is having to have a bit of a break. The good news is that I have people writing encouraging things on the blog, which makes me happy, but the other news is I also have weird spammers making my blogging experience just a little scary.

I did not know you had to mediate your comments section. Which I am finding hard to do when they are in other languages, and they ask me how did I set up my blog, and it is so pretty, just like one they had once, but would I like to update my interesting stories with a better design?

Yep, give me a compliment and then try to weasel a sale out of me. Bad on you using my insecurity and my need for validation to fill your pockets. But also, very clever. Ego, thy name is “easy pickin’s”.

So, I am off to catch up my Nanowrimo after loosing a day to Squeeky, and   two days to the election.

Wish me luck.


Author: Zoe

I use words. I watch things. I see what you may not. Bio info is hard.

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