NO idea what to write.

Starting this has taken me a lot longer than I had thought it would.

Seriously, how hard can this be?

But it doesn’t hurt that I have this whole “Julie and Julia” vibe going on in my head. And if Amy Adams as a fictionalized version of a real life blogger can do this, then a fictionalized version of Zoe Claire as a blogger can do it….

Maybe I should promise not to use tons of ellipses….or parenthesis ( ).

Maybe I should only talk about movies, my love.  Cinema Claire
Or my cats, my masters. Squeeky Speaks, Elvis is Alive
Maybe I should talk about this stoopid idea I have to date again. Dating Again, Really?
Or what being a condo owner is like. Glorified Apartment Ownership

I could name the blog…Mental Pause and talk about hormones.

I think I will call it Running Down Hill, Mostly because it feels exhilarating and terrifying and because it is full of momentum and skinned knees.

Ok, here I go.

Author: Zoe

I use words. I watch things. I see what you may not. Bio info is hard.

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