Preparing for NANOWRIMO

I have decided to try to do this this year. It is basically a way to get people writing and through their first rough draft. It is drive forward and keep the words flowing.

I decided to do this last month. Announced I would do it at my writers group. Then tore my office apart. I have been going through boxes, and organizing things, and throwing things out. I have moved all the lamps around, and gone through closets and looked at old tax records. I have buried myself in paperwork, and even downloaded a very complicated writing program to teach myself. I have in essence done everything in my power to put up obstacles so that I don’t write.

Yesterday, after thinking about a blog article for a week I finally wrote it. I have written a couple of tiny  articles for the Website at my store. I have started a play, that I have not finished. I have thought about all the stories I have begun, or just done drafts of, or outlined. I have a jumble of creative crap in my head and I need to start writing it down.

I submitted a play I wrote years ago to a friend who is a Mucky Muck at a local theatre. Just the first act. She read it and asked for the rest of it. I am scratching at the surface of what I really want to do. Just with my pinky finger. And only just a little scratch, maybe not even a scratch, a little rub with the tip of my pinky.

I have friends who are Bloggers! One friend has 3000 blogs. He writes every day. Another friend who has twin 5 year olds and posts and wins contests. Another friend is doing re-writes on her novel and has others in the fire. Another friend has and agent and has finished her second book.

I watch movies and TV on DVD. I swim. I go to bed early and read. I work. So why am I not carving time out…

NANOWRIMO is the time I am going to carve. Every day for a month. And if that doesn’t bring me back to writing, then I will rethink my belief system around this.

Sounds like a plan. Like a plan made by a ex-junkie, but a plan none the less.

Author: Zoe

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