Reckless Video at 25 years.


Today is the 25th ANNIVERSARY of The opening of Reckless Video. Below is rather sad post about the fact that many video stores are closing. TODAY is the 25th anniversary of Mike Kelley’s vision of a family video store opening in a cozy neighborhood, surrounded by friends. We have customers who have been with us since the first day. We have withstood a lot of change, but our store is supported by customers who are our neighbors.
As we look forward to the next 25 years, I am so happy that our neighbors keep growing, the store keeps apace of changes and the our model remains “friends and family and good movies make our life better.”
We are open today, Thanksgiving, because we are thankful to our customers that we get to be open every day.
That’s what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving 2015.
Best Wishes,
Zoe and her amazing Crew (Matt, Zeke, Theo, Julia, and Scot.)

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