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I worry on those days when I get absorbed in social media all day and get little to nothing productive done. Having just left a job where my social life was thrust upon me by people coming in and out all the time, I have been a real slacker when it comes to extending myself and working at being friends. I was talking to one of my ex-employees (what is the word for someone who is still working but you are no longer their boss?) She wants to have a retirement/going away party for me. I feel honored and terrified.

When she asked me for a list of people who I wanted to invite, I was flummoxed. Then I realize all my friends right now are people I have met while working at my last job. I have a few that I have known longer than the that job, but very few. And most everyone I know I am in contact with on Facebook.

In the last few weeks I have hung out with people I have not physically seen in a long time, but that I keep up with on Facebook. And this is where I am wondering what the change in my life will be like. Without Facebook, many people in my life have disappeared. If they aren’t on Facebook, I am not aware of their existence.

And that makes me wonder if I would totally disappear if I weren’t on Facebook. Would I just vanish? If I don’t Tweet or Instagram or Facebook or whatever else out there, do I just cease to be? If I stop Blogging and checking in who am I? What has my life become when the question of what am I feeling today, or doing today, or being today comes from a computer screen?

Who am I without electronic media?electronic-media



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